Monday, February 15, 2010

Maddox Singing and Jax Dancing

I posted this on Facebook, so some of you may have already seen it. Can we sing a nursery rhyme please?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I've officially written off Valentine's Day. Last year, it was an effort to give Arik a box of chocolates and boxers, thinking that I may get a flower in return, but this year I knew when even I didn't have the enthusiam for the "holiday" that it was time to write it off. HA .... so cynical huh? I don't mean it that way of course, but I do think that it's a daters holiday. You know in the giggle giggle, let me impress you kind of way, will you be mine. Otherwise, ( courtesy of's very un-original and ) I would rather a spontaneous batch of flowers turn up next to my bed one morning....hint hint;) That to me would show/say more than anything! On the same note, I think it is a cute holiday for children. It's a great time to highlight love for them and crushes. As a kid I always loved making and handing out Valentine's cards. I always secretly hoped I would get a special one meant just for me from any boy haha:) Today instead was spent having lunch with a good friend, shopping and the park with the boys. It was a great day!

In other news: Arik walked in after hearing Livi wake up from nap and there she was standing in her crib. I knew the day was coming soon, but it made me tear up a little when I saw it for myself. A little over a month and they will already be one! Olivia is no longer content when she is confined, whether it be her room, crib, walker or excersaucer. That little girl wants to be free on the ground. Unfortunately with our floor being in a constant state of yuck, that isn't always easy to allow. In turn we are left with a frequent fusser as we wrestle to stick her in one of her various " haha you can't get into much trouble" toys.

I think God intentionally made Ty so that he'd take a little longer to catch up to Olivia. I can't imagine if he was gettin' around at the same time as Olivia. It's like when I brought them home from the NICU.....having Ty first gave me a chance to ease into things.....well the same idea here...let me slowly get used to the idea of having a new little Rugrat gettin' it around the house. I'll tell you what won't be long for Ty. Today we were doing tummy time and he scooted backwards a good 3 feet. I tried to explain to him he was going in the wrong direction, but I guess in his mind he thought progress was progress! MMM could eat that little chunk up..cheek by cheek :)

Maddox and Jaxon maniacs as usual. Oh, I do have a new method of "friend control". Now when they fight I make them go to their room with the lights off ( remember they have no toys in their room ) and they can only come out when they are best friends. They huff eventually huff out of their rooms, begging forgiveness. With one eyebrow raised I ask, " Are you two best friends?" They reply reluctantly and muffled, " Yes" I then order them to give each other eskimo kisses ( or some other random embarrasing gesture ) and immediately after doing it they burst into laughter and run off together. Honest to goodness I have yet to see this method fail!

Arik and I are doing great. We are planning our first family vacation to Disneyworld. I just received our vouchers for our free tickets. ( We volunteered at the Cat Shelter ) The twins will be joing us for everything but the actual day at the park. I can't wait!! I always swore against taking them before they were 4 and 5 , but hopefully they have a blast and prove me wrong, showing me that they are ready for Disney:) The pic of Ty and Olivia is funny b/c she crawled over to him, climbed on him and stole his bottle. You can even see in his face he's like, "what the heck?"

That about wraps things up, enjoy these videos from today!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I promise I haven't given up!

DANG Facebook!! I fought it and I fought it, but I finally got sucked into the Facebook vortex. So unfortunately it has been consuming most of my internet free time. Ridiculous!! Anyways, brief update:

Maddox -Still going to school and doing really well. We have him temporarily back in training pants b/c of his accidents ( another thing I fought, but eventually left with no other option ) not the peeing, just the 2-ster:) He is otherwise progressing so well. Of course every mother thinks their child is so smart though, but I really do have to remind myself sometimes ( cough cough in moments of frustration ) that he is only 3. Maddox is still the most sensitive of the kids at this point and definately my little cuddler.

Jaxon - Rough and tough as ever. He is really doing well. I think we h=may have finally broken the color barrier with him. At Ty's PT appt last week Jax was correctly pointing to all his colors and even comparing them to like colors around the room. Ty's therapist was impressed too, b/c she knew we had been struggling with him and colors. It was as if he knew them the whole time, but just didn't want to let on! Jax is quick, but sincere with his love. He is a stinker and as Gram put it once, "You can see the devil dancing in his eyes" I was scolding him earlier this evening ( in my most stern voice ) and he laughed in my face and said, " Okay POOPY!" Then he grins.

Ty- Ty is my chunk bundle of Love. I can't get enough of that little guy. I look so forward to seeing his huge grin that he gives me in the morning and then feeling him nuzzle his sleepy head into my shoulder. He is almost always content. Ty still is not age-wise where he should be as far as movement, but his therapist and Pediatrician both reassured me that they feel there is no deficit it just purely comes down to him being large, happy and lazy. He hasn't had to work for much and therefore feels no need to move to get anything. He is very good at picking up small foods and toys though which is definately a good sign! He is still on the neb treatments and both twins are on antibiotics fighting a cold, but they are doing much better!

Olivia- Princess doesn't even begin to describe this child. She is drama coated in cuteness! She is gettin' it all over now and has become increasingly demanding and annoyed if she is denied access to any location of the house. She is finally near crawling, however she has discovered alternate methods of movement at this point. She is not satisfied with sitting anymore, instead she will pull herself up on you to stand and get a better view. Olivia also cut her two bottom front teeth. I have to say pretty darn cute:) but boy she is like her mommy and doesn't handle pain well. There was a big change in her temperment through that process....yay can't wait for the rest..... She is a happy baby....if she is being attended to at all times. Sometimes when she is sitting and playing contently, I am afraid to even glance in her direction b/c it always reminds her that I am doing something else and not with her and it sends her into a fit! I'll tell you what, she's lucky that she's got me and especially Arik wrapped around her little finger!!

That about sums it up. I guess I can't keep it too brief when I've got 4 to update on. It's time for me to go catch up on AI and get some sleep. Goodnight:)