Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to work

Well, tomorrow I go back to work. It is bittersweet. Of course I will miss the kids while I am there, but as you all know, I am fortunate to love my job. The good thing is I can have the kids visit at the station anytime. .... On another note...Arik took the boys to Shamp Camp today which was at a place called Bounce-U. There are all kinds of the larger inflatable toys for the kids to play on. The whole place was reserved for Shamp Camp, so that made it a little easier to keep an eye on them I'm sure! No pics unfortunately, but I included these of Maddox jammin' on the guitar.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am so sorry to say, but I think I have the most beautiful daughter. She already has me wrapped around her little finger.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Busch Gardens

Thursday, a friend of mine and her two kids went with Jax, Maddox and me to Busch Gardens in Tampa. Maddox and I have gone before and I have the pay for a day come back all year pass, so it's a relatively inexpensive trip. I was very excited b/c it was Jaxon's first time going and I knew that he'd have fun. The boys got up super early ( 540 am ) so they were slightly whiney, but overall very good considering they had to skip nap too. The only mistake I made was bringing the boys on the flume ride with me. My friend and her two small kids had been before and they liked it, so I thought, what the heck? ! mmmm...not so much. Maddox was petrified and ticked off that I tricked him into thinking we weren't going down the huge slide at the end ( otherwise it would have been boy overboard early on ) and Jaxon was too shocked to say or do anything. However, Jaxon immediately said "again, again" after we got off. We stuck to the kiddie rides the rest of the day which went pretty good. There are still a few things that boys weren't ready to tackle, but I give them a few more times and they'll be pros. I tried my best to keep them awake on the way home. I made it all the way to our exit and as soon as we slowed down they were out....I couldn't even wake them up when I called their names....several times. Luckily I was able to carry them inside straight to their beds without another peep! It was such a long day, I took a shower, kissed Arik goodnight and crashed...pheww:)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little behind on my pics

I just have a lot of pics that I need to post before I get too behind. We had Shamp Camp on Monday and went to Lido Beach. It was perfect b/c there was a small shallow tidepool that the boys played in most of the time. I was able to lay back in my chair and watch them. The twins stayed at home with Arik out of the heat though!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brief Update

As you all may or may not know, the kids and I were involved in a minor accident Friday afternoon. We we just coming home from a great little cruise on the LeBarge and next thing you know we get hit! Anyways, good news is everyone was okay and little damage. Better news, I wasn't at fault so all repairs will be covered. These are a few pics from the boat ride. The boys loved it. We had the whole bottom of the LeBarge to ourselves. We saw several dolphins and one manatee. I actually learned a few things about Sarasota I didn't know too. I highly recommend the ride to anyone who hasn't gone before. Ans now it is time for me to grab a huge bowl of ice cream, lay down on the couch and catch up on all my shows! Night:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We had a successful morning a McDonald's! The boys played together excellently:) Here are a few pics. I threw the one in of Olivia because I just thought her little shoes were too cute!!

Morning Time Quick Update

I'm just doing a quick update. Yesterday I took the all the kiddos to Mote Marine. I have to say it was much more enjoable. Maybe that was due to the fact that I had my little cousin with me, or it could have been that most of the aquarium is indoors. Either way fun morning!! Well I've gotta go, it's not quite 7 and I'm packing up the kids to go to McDonalds...( we have no breakfast foods in the house and it can double as play time! ) I'll catch up more later:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

JUNGLE (oh what an awesome morning) GARDENS

I decided to take the kids out this morning.....All of them....first mistake... and go to Jungle Gardens. It's exactly what it sounds like.....animals and plants. I figured I'd feed the twins before we left and they'd like a little fresh air and a walk. Ty led the pack today. From the second I took him out of his car seat and loaded him into the stroller, he threw a fit. So I am pushing a stroller with a diaper bag on one side, Olivia on the other and Maddox and Jaxon clumisly hanging onto my legs and the the other handle of the stroller. Woo-Hoo, this is gonna be fun!! I thought surely Ty would calm down, but he didn't. Did I mention it felt near a "still" 100 degrees out? I'm hurrying the kids along after about a half hour of pure unenjoyment and we get to the flamingo pond. So here I am biting my lip and wiping my brow trying to stay calm and a woman walks up to me and says,"Boy those babies sure are angry...laugh laugh" Now I am very rarely rude, but that comment only deserved a glance out of the corner of my eye and a half-hearted "hmph" at this point. Oh but she didn't get the idea. Instead she proceeds to point out her second extremely obvious point, that the older boys, "must have got into some markers huh???" ......... Nope, those are just their black scribbled line birthmarks that they were born with, I thought to myself..... OF COURSE THEY DID!!! DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT YOU TO POINT THAT OUT TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!! ----deep breath----- We zoomed through the rest of the park and towards the exit. As I am leaving the woman at the register ( while other guests are waiting to pay...and my babies are still crying ) mentions to me that the general manager and his wife just found out that they are expecting twins...." and that's him standing over there in the striped shirt, he's in the middle of a conversation with a sponser or else I'd have him talk to you" ..... Hmmm, I smirk, let me walk right by him .....aaaaannnnd pause..... ( cry cry ) (cry cry) ..... I gave him a knowing smile and I think he knew what I was saying, " see what you have to look forward to?? :)

I think I finally have one.

Yes, I am pretty sure, if any of my kids were or are collicky Olivia surely most be. EVERY night between about 5-930 or so she is just unconsolable. Now I'm not saying this for a fact, but it would be a strong guess! Last night I think I figured out the trick though. I wrapped her around my chest with a wrap I learned when I had Maddox. It's called the Mama Tutu. I'm tellin' you she was out in a minute!! Happy....yes....terribly I laughed when I told Arik I would just have to teach him how to do it for the nights that I was at work. In response I just got "the glare" :)