Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Phew, am I ever tired. For the most part I try to get to sleep no later than 10. Even if I am watching a show I usually save it for the next day. Nothing is quite as enjoyable when you know you'll have a full day ahead of you a few hours later.

So last night was a little shock to my system when I didn't get to be until midnight and then had a restless night with the older boys...oddly enough. Between them both peeing the bed and Jaxon's persistant cough ( poor little guy ) I had a pretty rough morning!

But Joseph and Jaena to the rescue. They spent the night and were a huge help playing with the kids today. I did get up enough energy to load them all up in my moms van and take them to the new park we have. It was actually perfect weather and they all had a really great time. The twins are now at one of the stages I've been looking so forward to, when I can take them out of the stroller and let them sit wherever we go. The were very curious about the grass, but content as cucumbers!

With Jaena's assistance, we were able to keep all the babaies awake on the ride home and lay them down for a nice nap when we got home. And guess who was sleeping with them?? Ding DIng Ding! Me:)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Growin' Up:(

Look at my big babies, sittin' up and playin' in the playpen. I have to say I got a little teary-eyed going through clothes for the winter knowing that most of the outfits in their closet they would never fit into again. It's amazing the progress they have made just in the past couple of days. They are now both eating little cherrios and biter-cookies. y and Olivia both are going to cut their eye teeth any day. They each have hard red bumps where they want to push out! It will be so strange seeing the with teeth!

Bundle Buddies!

All wrapped up for the cool weather! Livi LOVES her Jaxon:)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Apparently Jax isn't ready to be left on the potty by himself. Here I was so excited, " Jax, are you making some?" ..... "Yes, I am mommy". I guess he got a little confused on what he was supposed to be making.

Naughty or Nice??

The kids and I took a trip to the mall today. I contemplated turning back halfway there, afraid of the crowds we may face, but changed my mind and decided to take the chance. Turns out it actually wasn't too bad and it actually helped put a little bit of the Holiday spirit in the air. This weekend we have a nice cold front blowing through so all the kiddos got to bundle up in their jackets and hats. They looked so cute...of course;) Thank you to Hillary, her family and Adam the boys have a nice collection of winter clothes to get them through the next 2 winters ( atleast). And sorry Ty...they're gonna get you through about the next 4!

I can't tell you how many people stop me when we are out in public. Evryone wants to get a peek at the twins and are curious how old Maddox and Jaxon are. And honestly I thought I'd be a millionaire from the nickles I get when people ask if I play basketball....but I take that back, I get more comments now saying, " Boy you sure have your hands full!" E-V-ERY where I go I get it atleast 4-5 times. So I just throw back the standard, " Yeah, they sure keep me busy!".....insert cheesy smile. Some other great ones I get are, " Two sets of twins?" ( no, a year apart...gentle smile and laugh) "Are they identical?" ( nope, boy and girl ) "Do you have a lot of help?" ( yes, we do get a lot thank, we are so lucky ) and of course the...." Are you done!? " ( yes, laugh out loud...definately!) I think that was the one thing I wasn't expecting with the babies, but I welcome it for the most part. It makes me proud I have to admit!

So getting to the point. The kids met Santa tonight. I have to say he wasn't the jolliest ol' soul I've ever met. Thank goodness he was too quiet for the kids to pick up on though. I was shocked that they actually made it to his side seeing as how our last trip to the mall I practically had to drag the boys in when the even caught the slighest hint that Santa may be somewhere inside the mall! That and the fact that last year Maddox refused to step foot inside his gated entry. I had to laugh though because while we got the shot of the four of them, it's as if I took a picture of Arik with Santa Claus and multiplied it by 4! They enjoyed it though and were excited to get their candy cane afterwards. All in all I'd have to say a good experience! So end point..I think my kids made the "nice" list, however, Santa may be on the "naughty" list this year!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, a day early:) I will unfortunately be working tomorrow, but I will most certainly be reflecting on everything that I have to be Thankful for. Lately I have felt a little discouraged by the things that I have. Frustration that my couch has stains and smells like dog, or that my back yard is littered with trash 6 days of the week cleaned on the 7th and littered again by the next day...not to mention my plant areas are now a strewn mess of dirt and black garden liner. I feel guilty that my boys are sleeping on a creaking bunk bed that has slats missing from the underside and beautiful pink flowers painted across the front. This goes along great with their closet doors that no longer slide open so they are sitting off to the side exposing all of the clothes and closet contents. I get angry that I have to walk on a floor of tiles that are slowly breaking apar and coming up from the foundation. With every piece of loose grout the I kick up with my toe and step on I find myself mumbling under my breath.

With that being said, let me count my blessings. I have the most beautiful, wonderful family. I have a husband who is a hard worker and loves his kids more than anyone can imagine. I am so proud of him and how he has adapted to being a father. I am so thankful that everyday he goes into work he is doing his part to protect the place where I raise my children without ever complaining.

God has trusted me and given me the responsibility of raising four very young children at once. My heart is so proud when I look at them, hear them and watch them play. Not a moment goes by that I am not thinking of my babies.

I have an incredible family here and extended that I am so thankful for. I am so fortunate to not only have love and supprt from my family, but from Arik's family as well.

I have a job that I love and look forward to. How many people can truly say that. With times like they are, I am so blessed to have a job.

So who cares if my couch is stained and smells like dog, I have a couch to sit on. My yard may be dirty, but the kids have a fenced yard to play in. And how can I complain about the bunkbeds, they were free! And last I checked, a painting project isn't out of the question. And the closet doors that show all the clothes? My kids have an abundance of clothes to wear and I don't have to worry about them being cold during the winter. As for the tiles? Well, I am just thankful that we are renting and it's not my expense!

How dare I be ungrateful for anything I have. God has truly given me everything that I need and for that, I am Thankful.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haircuts and Bowling

I've been missin' the kids lately. Too much work and not enough play. Oh, not just the paying work, but the housework too. I guess the old saying holds true, " A woman's work is never done!" Each day I am more and more convinced at how accurate it is. I got off this morning and vowed not to do a bit of housework and just spend the mrning enjoying my kids. Okay, I loaded the dishes, but that was when the boys were getting dressed and the twins were taking a quick snooze! ( That doesn't count right? )

I didn't really have a game plan. A lot of ideas, but fitting them in before naptime would be tricky on last minutes notice. So we ended up going to get haircuts and bowling. The boys have literally been begging to get their haircut over the past few weeks. ( I think it's the lollipop at the end ) Maddox has been insisting that his hair is getting, " too blonde!!!" ( I'm pretty sure he means too long )

After haircuts, we took our first trip to the bowling alley and after a few minutes of "teaching" the boys got the hang of it and I could actually sit back with the twins and watch. We ended up being the only people there so that was really nice. The boys each took one good fall when they crossed the line, but thankfully no injuries. We rounded up the morning with a game of pinball and a whining match as we had to leave. All of my kids were ready for a nice nap after a busy morning!....AT THE SAME TIME YAY!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Missin' My Babies

I have been at work for the past two and a half days and I was missing my kids!! I don't really have a whoe lot to report on, but I attached some cute videos and pics from today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Goes SO fast

In lieu of Ginger being in labor, I figured I'd post some pics of not so long ago. Hearing about her and from her in the hospital brings back those indescribable feelings of child-bearing and birth. The day each of my children came into my life changed my world forever. There truly is no other way to put it than to say they are my gifts from God. How fast those beginning moments go and how precious they really are.

SO-O-O Tired!

I have been up since 530 am yesterday. We ran our little behinds off at work yesterday and maybe slept a broken 2 1/2 hrs during the night. I tried my best to pawn off kid care on some of my co-workers, but they adamently declined. Arik, however, was kind enough to let me take an 1 1/2 nap today even though he works tonight. I just woke up and actually feel okay ( okay used very screaming...or crying ) These are the days that are hard. Fortunatley they don't happen every shift. It then feels like I am away from the kids for two days instead of one. Oh an I work every day this weekend! Extra money though. You should have seen the look on Arik's face! Poor guy....Mr. Mom when I'm at work!

Anyways, in other news. Miss Olivia had a first today. Twice I took her toy away from her. Once to feed her and once to change her and that little stinker scre-eamed at me! She was not happy. It was in a tone I haven't heard before. It took me a little by surprise. I told her I was going o pop her paadle and send her on timeout if she kept up that behavior:)

My Mom and I were talking about Ty today and we both agree that we rarely if ever hear the little guy cry for no reason. he is just so content. He'll let you know if he is hungry or ired and truely that's about it. He was "talking" to me today while I was changing his diaper. You can hardly touch a square inch of his body without having him crack up. He is just so ticklish. He babbled a few things back and forth with me. I almost feel sorry when I set him down because he's just so darned cute.

In toddler talk...I thought I'd mention Jaxon's cute new phrase. Whenever I hang up the phone he asks, " What who Dat?" He is asking who is that, but I got the point. I love it and never correct him. " Mommy Mommy! What who DAT?"

How about our star entertainment gossip. Mr. Maddox pretends like he has a girlfriend already. He told Arik and me RE- becca is pretty and that's his girlfriend. He snickers as he tells us this. We ask him about the other girls in class, but it always comes back to RE-becca. Oddly enough his teacher told me he does just about everything with a little girl named Marley. She said they share the same temperment, likes and dislikes. Tsk Tsk Tsk, juggling two at three.

Otherwise that's about it for today! Join us tomorrow at noon for the latest breaking headlines. ( Not necessarily:)