Monday, June 20, 2011

Just a few videos and pictures

As many of you know, our backyard activities are filled with many fun and safe options. Cough cough. Okay, maybe not so safe, but they are FUN! Each summer we manage o turn our backyard into our very own splash park. Here is a video of the kids latest "water slide". ( And a picture from Shell road beach the other morning :) Enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011


4 and 5?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? I can hardly believe that the boys are four and five already. We had an awesome birthday party on Sunday. The boys had no idea what we were doing other than that it was water-themed. We rented a large blow up water slide and had various water activities/pools/sprinkler set up throughout the yard. The adults sat back under the shade and got to watch all of the festivities. It was actually a perfect day! If I had more energy right now I would go into more detail, but I am absolutely 100% SPENT!! I'm at work today and we honestly have been on the go all day and had a brush fire. So after the birthday party and today and I am just ready to curl under the covers!!! But enjoy the pictures and the children's palpable enthusiasm to receiving their new bikes ( can you sense the sarcasm ? ) . Happy Birthday to my perfect Maddox and Jaxon. I love you both so much and I am so proud of you two.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

End of the School Year....Booo :P

Well, it's nearing the end of the school year. In fact next Friday will be the kiddos last day! I have been thoroughly appreciative of my "free time" in the mornings, but now it's back to work haha. The kids have done so well this school year. Per Maddox's teacher he has really come out of his shell since the beginning of the year ( which for those of you that know Maddox well may come as a surprise, but yes, he is quite reserved at school. ) . Jaxon has continued to be a great friend and helper in his classroom. He has a new best friend whose name is Jason. Jason is apparently "the deal" because Jaxon insists on doing everything like Jason. He even has me style his hair like Jason in the morning! Ty and Olivia have progressed SO much since starting with their little class. Olivia is talking up a storm. Of course mimicking everything, but also telling us her needs. She is definitely putting sentences together and socially excelling as well. I am so proud of little Ty. Yes, he has had a difficult time with his biting, kicking, hitting, spitting and other random tantrums, but the teacher really has positive things to say about him. She is very patient and understanding with him and he has shown so much improvement. He is finally starting to use more words and grasping onto imitation. I can't believe the difference from just two months ago. Both of the twins seem to love school. I have yet to have a day where I leave them and they care!

Maddox had his little VPK ( Voluntary pre-kindergarten....FREE... ) graduation on Thursday. Jaxon's class and Maddox's class both had performances. I included the videos. I just missed it, but it was too funny. When Jaxon's class was coming up to the front to perform, Jaxon yells out to Arik in the back of the church, " HI DADDY!!!" Everyone laughed. When you watch Jaxon's video he is the one 2nd from the left. Maddox sang a song too. I was very impressed because he actually sang! ( come to find out his teacher had specifically bribed him with a cupcake!! ) Then of course Maddox receiving his certificate.

Arik and I were recently presented with a very generous offer to keep the children in Good Shepherd Lutheran. We feel very confident in our decision and are looking forward to the kids having a great education in a comfortable Christian environment that will allow them to grow as individuals and receive more one on one attention. We are so grateful for this opportunity!

And finally , the last big news is of course Jaxon had his cast removed. Ahhhhhh ( sigh of relief ). He did so well. I've included the videos. I had to take separate videos because of length. He is so excited to have his cast off. He told me the next morning, " Mom, I am so happy to have my cast off:) " They asked me if I wanted to save it. Ummm, no thank you. That thing smells like rotten eggs! Well, not if you ask Jaxon. He thought it smelled like chocolate!

Oh, also on a side note. Yesterday Ty used the potty all day. He started at school and I kept his diaper off the whole afternoon. I don't think he knows yet to tell me he has to go, but every time I prompted him he ran into the potty and would go no problem!! Yay:) Livi still has a ways to go. It's more of a novelty at this point for her.

That's all for now! Enjoy the videos. The cast take off should be in order from top to bottom left to right:)