Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just an Update

I'm trying to write my updates on the days that I work. I have a little more time to sit in the quiet and write then. Now that I have the laptop it is MUCH easier for me to transfer my pictures from my phone to the laptop and upload them onto the blog site. With our old computer it would take 15 minutes just to get the pictures up!

We hit a big milestone this past week......Ty is officially out of his crib! It all started about three weeks ago. He started coming out of his room after I would lay him down. I would hear a thud as he scaled down the side of his crib and a few seconds later the door would slowly creak, followed by the thud thud thud of his little footsteps as he made his way to wherever I was. He would look up at m, blanket in one arm, sippy and "dog" in the other arm. There would be no objection from him as I swooped him back up and returned him to his crib. He would obligingly lay his head back on his pillow and forcefully shut his eyes , knowing that as soon as I shut the door he would give it a few minutes and try again. And try again he would. I'd say this would happen a good two to three times until he'd eventually give in and succumb to the sleep. Unfortunately this wasn't where the problem was. Along with his new bedtime routine, he figured that Arik and I needed a new morning routine. So every morning for about 3 weeks he would bee line it to our room at 5 am and hop into bed with us. Now this wouldn't be so bad if he went back to sleep, but he seemed to have other plans. The jaunt from his room to ours must have cleared the fog from his mind and got the blood flowing enough that he felt as though we should get up with him. We started putting his sippy next to our bed and he would grab that first and occasionally doze off for a little while longer, but before we knew it he'd be poking at us or climbing all----over--us insisting that we wake up. I would give, usually around 6:15 and make my way to the living room to start our day.

I decided that I'd had enough and even though they had tested the waters of climbing out before, this time it appeared there would be no turning back. ( At least for Ty, fingers crossed Olivia doesn't get any crazy ideas! ) I ordered him a cute little wooden toddler bed and put his crib on Craigslist.

As of Friday we officially sold the crib. As Arik was taking it down I realized that I should probably be a little more sentimental about letting it go. After all it was the crib we had used for each of the boys, but I just didn't seem to have the time to feel any sadness. Arik didn't understand why I bought a toddler bed for Ty since our purpose of buying the triple bunk bed was so Ty would eventually be able to use the trundle portion. I told him I just felt like Ty still was too young and associated the trundle as being a play bed. I felt if he had a bed that he knew was for sleeping the transition may be easier. At least to use until he is about 3 or 4. Arik then asked where Ty was going to sleep that night since he now only had a mattress as the toddler bed hadn't arrived yet.........Good question:)

I ended up just putting soft covers on the mattress and making him a cozy little spot where his crib used to be. And guess what!? He LOVED it. He was so proud and excited for his new " big boy" sleeping area. Jaxon and I tucked him in that night and , knock on wood , he didn't budge from bed. He fell right asleep! And ....wait for it.......he slept until 6:45!!!!!! Woo-hoo!! Now I have been at work all weekend and haven't had a chance to ask Arik how last night went, but hopefully it was just as good:) As soon as I get pics of the bed I will be sure to post them.

And otherwise not a whole lot to report. Jaxon had his firt follow-up x-ray and everything is healing beautifully! Olivia had a Doctor's appt Friday because she was on day three of severe diarrhea. The Doctor ordered a stool sample, however, in order to obtain that I was to line her diaper with saran wrap and collect the sample after a bowel movement. Now of course this would become Arik's task as I am at work all weekend and somehow I just don't see that happening haha. So hopefully when I come home on Monday the "bug" will be gone. Because to be quite honest I'm not too thrilled about doing that either!

Maddox is good. He has a little stink mouth on him lately that I am not happy about. He is in the copycat phase. He even applies it to when he is being reprimanded by copying what I say to him. Errrrr, that gets my blood boiling. Or if I say, "Maddox!!! We are leaving the park. Load up!" He will respond in a high-pitched voice, " Yaayyyyyyyy, I LOVE leaving the park." This takes various forms, yay I love not having friends over, yay I love not playing video games, yay I love turning off my t.v. shows. You get the point. But I think I've finally found something that works. He "likes" timeout in his room or "quiet time" in his room, but change the name to "restriction" in his room and he BEGS me not to. It's not that the time spent in there is any different he just associates restriction with something much worse than timeout. So I have been testing using that out and it seems to be working. Hopefully my sweet little Maddox comes back soon because I feel him slipping a little more into too old syndrome very quickly!

That's about all for now. I posted some videos of my little ham Jaxon. He loves taking pictures and videos of himself. He was looking at his school picture yesterday and said, "Mom, I love me." I laughed and said, "I love you too."

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